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Mastercard Casinos: UK Casinos that accept Mastercard

Mastercard is a payment method that is very popular at UK online casinos, but due to regulation is available for debit card payments ONLY. Mastercard credit cards are not accepted at any UK licensed online casino.

Mastercard is a global leader in card services and is one of the most popular online casino payment methods in the casino industry world wide. Accepted as a form of payment in over 300 countries, Mastercard offers a reliable a safe way for online gamers to pay for gambling services.

Mastercards are obtained through your bank or other money lending companies who are affiliated with Mastercard. Credit Cards are the companies most popular financial product though it’s worth familiarising yourself with their other offerings such as the MasterCard prepaid debit card. The application process requires the usual identity verifications and credit checks and can sometimes be a little slow so don’t expect to be playing online games via MasterCard on the day of application!

Top Mastercard Casinos

Pros of using Mastercard:

Here are the main advantages of using MasterCard at online casinos

  • Depositing is quick and easy. You’ll be able to load funds onto your casino account within minutes.
  • If you deposit using a Mastercard Credit Card then you don’t need to have the funds available in your current account. In other words you can borrow the money and choose at which rate you’d like to pay it back.
  • The broad availability of Mastercard as a payment method is a clear advantage and it’s rare to find an online platform that doesn’t accept payments from them.
  • There are numerous discounts and other reward incentives when paying with Mastercard.
  • Purchases are usually covered by MasterCard insurance and furthermore there is no liability placed on the customer by the bank in the event of any unauthorised transactions.

Cons of using Mastercard:

As well as the advantages of using MasterCard at online casinos there are some pit falls worth bearing in mind too

  • Be sure to keep your personal data, passwords and card information safe and secure. Should this information fall into the wrong hands it would likely result in fraudulent transactions.
  • Players must practice caution when depositing and gambling with funds that are borrowed. The undisciplined are at risk of falling into debt as it’s all too easy to spend beyond your budget. Awareness and responsible gambling are advised.
  • Some casinos may charge a few to deposit and/or withdraw using a card so be sure to check the terms and conditions.
  • Some casinos don’t allow MasterCard as a withdrawal method even though it may be permitted as a deposit method.


MasterCard have lost considerable ground to popular e-wallet payment methods in recent years. On balance, e-wallets such as Skrill offer many of the same advantages of speed and ease of use, broadly accepted in the industry and are actually safer to use. That said, the vast majority of online casinos still accept Mastercard, especially for depositing and the methods remains well used by players across the web.

Mastercard Alternatives

If you are looking for an alternative card payment option for some reason then Visa is very well respected. E-wallets are another great alternative that offers many of the same benefits as an established card payment provider like Mastercard.

📢 Check out the Casino Payment Providers section for more information about payments options.


💳 Can I use Mastercard for casino payments?

Yes, you can! But only the debit card version. From 14 April 2020 online casinos that hold a licence with the UK Gambling Commission will no longer be able to accept payments from cards.

💰 Do many online casinos accept Mastercard payments?

Yes. Mastercard payments are universally accepted by online casinos. There may be some exceptions but they will be few and far between.

🧾 What will show on my statement if I use a Mastercard for casino payments?

Your statement will show the name of the casino (or the legal owner) on your statements. E-wallets offer a more discreet option with payments simply showing the transaction against your e-wallet account.

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