Keep Gambling Fun!

Is gambling always fun? Does it ever become less fun? Something we really need to talk about more…how to keep gambling fun!

When most of us first consider gambling, it is the prospect of winning which draws us in. The idea that for a small risk you might reap a big reward is a very tempting proposition…and it’s something that many of us feel we just have to try. For those of us who play online slots and casino games, we quickly learn that playing to win is a flawed strategy. No matter how you manage your bank roll, no matter how carefully you check the odds and learn the games, over the long run we are more likely than not going to end up down.

Realising this, and learning to enjoy slots and casino games for what they are, is key to keeping it fun!

Check your RTP

One of the best innovations in recent years is the ‘RTP monitor’. At our favourite online casino, Videoslots, you can check your lifetime RTP easily in your profile section!

Looking at mine below, it shows a 98.99% lifetime average RTP which I think is very good. Looking at the game stats shows a shocking worst session of 3.44% on Captain Venture Treasures of the Sea…won’t be playing that one again!

This helps you understand the cost of gambling over the long term. If you are lucky enough to get a big win your RTP might shoot up over 100%, but if you keep on playing it is likely to move back under. Watch the RTP figure and learn how it works!

videoslots rtp

Set limits you can respect!

Keeping things at Videoslots, but common at lots of UK online casinos, you can set yourself limits for deposits, wagering and losses. This is a really good way to keep gambling fun, by making sure you never spend or lose more than you choose. After setting these, you cannot change them without going through a ‘cooling off’ period. That stops you from suddenly deciding to raise your limits midway through a losing session!

videoslots limits

Take responsibility for your own actions!

The most important lesson to learn is to be responsible for your own behaviour.

  • Set those limits!
  • Never chase a loss or try to play for profit!
  • Don’t gamble under the influence of alcohol or drugs!

If you are playing more than you think you should be, reach out to one of the many support agencies and let them know what you’re feeling. It doesn’t have to turn into therapy and cold turkey, just talking or emailing someone might help you to get things under control.

Gambling CAN be fun but it has risks. Please be aware of any changes in your gambling habits and take it seriously. Keep it fun, and play safe!


Get confidential online support and free counselling from the UK’s leading provider of support and advice for gambling.



This service aimed particularly at young people helps you get support relating to gambling either for yourself or someone you care about.


Gamblers Anonymous

Get online support from people going through the same thing as you.


Gambling Therapy

You can contact Gambling Therapy for advice and support even if you’re outside the UK.


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